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Capoeira Benefits

  • Kids Classes

    Children benefit from the improvement of their biomechanical movements and the increase in strength giving confidence and self-esteem of coordination. Children develop a sense of identity as an individual, as a member of a welcoming community and as a member of a global society.

  • Mental Health

    Capoeira is a valuable cardiovascular exercise that can increase endurance and Mental heath . Overall, Capoeira will improve your strength, flexibility and endurance, thus improving your overall fitness and reducing stress. Capoeira allows for fluid movement to a soundtrack that can be relaxing; these workouts release endorphins and reduce cortisol levels to combat stress and give you a healthy mind and body.

  • Adults Classes

    The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power, flexibility and coordination. It also strengthens the mind self-confidence, concentration, courage, creativity and dedication.

Andre Cerutti

MESTRE PEIXE - Capoeira head Coach

Andre Cerutti (Mestre Peixe) He is a Pioneer in the Development of Capoeira in Australia Since 1992 . Andre Cerutti ( Mestre Peixe) Helped to contribute enormously to the quality standard and Global recognition of Capoeira in the areas of Sport and Healthy Wellness and Coaching Qualification in Australia and worldwide with an innovative management concept aimed at developing the team with focus and determination so that each student reaches their own goals using capoeira as a tool. Andre Cerutti (Mestre Peixe Has conducted workshops all over the world, has had numerous appearances in films, magazines and television promoting Capoeira, Education and sports. Andre Cerutti and Co-founder of the first Capoeira College in 2007 also created a European capoeira curriculum for the Estonian Olympic Committee, to qualify and give recognition to capoeiristas in the Sport Coach industry in Europe.

Introduction Bonus

If you sign up for the 8-week program for just A$320; (can be divided into 2 installments if necessary) You will receive A$350 worth of benefits.

  • Free Capoeira uniform

    $150 value

    You will get a capoeira pants ( abada ) belt and shirt for you to practice your classes in a more comfortable way

  • Free Capoeira self tutorial video booklet

    $100 value

    A super interactive flip book explaining everything about Capoeira history and today capoeira way, the Capoeira ethical conduct way and the benefits that capoeira brings you plus a self tutorial video classes for beguine's and advance students

  • Free Capoeira Merchandising

    $100 value

    You will get a face towel, lanyards and a capoeira CD and Capoeira streaming music.

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8 x weeks Capoeira training program

Like many other activities that work with the mind, capoeira is a great way to reduce stress. But, in order to reach this goal, the person has to be willing. “Everyone who has access to capoeira ends up finding out what is good for themselves,” says Master Peixe. “It helps, for example, to reduce the work stress. Capoeira helps each person according to their own needs.” Capoeira is always practised in teams and everything has to be planned in groups. That helps many people to get socialised and to lose their shyness. “Capoeira has helped a lots of students in regarding timidity”, says Master Peixe.